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Peter Gardini

Telephone; (01234) 767819   Mobile: 07776 426732

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Lord Geoffrey "The Balloon Guy"
International balloon artist.  A vital attraction at any event large or small.

eventsense The easy way to plan your event

One Way UK puppets
One Way UK have a very wide range of puppets and accessories for puppets.  Professional puppet theatres, puppet scripts and magic props.

Aston Academy of Magic
High quality magic tuition and training by working professional magicians

Richard Maddams "The Amazing Tricky Ricky"
Professional children's entertainer and magical clown.  Ideal for younger children, playgroups and holiday clubs. www.trickyricky.biz

Andrew Burden
Professional Children's Entertainer Member of The International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Robert Freeman
Professional magical entertainer and court jester Member of The Magic Circle and The International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Star Parties
Children's parties with a space theme.