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The Christmas lottery
A dice routine where a message such as God loves you  can be forced.
Christmas Lottery

The Magic Biscuit Tin.
An empty  tin and discarded Christmas items produce a message.
Magic Biscuit Tin

Technicolour Dream Cloth.
A multi coloured muslin cloth tells a story.
Technicolour Dream Cloth

The Billet Doux
Instructions for folding a multi purpose magic cone.  Many routines are possible with this clever device.
The Billet Doux

The Sliding Knot
A rope routine which can show how our sins go with us till they are washed away.
The Sliding Knot

Strong Man’s Secret.
A nice routine using string to show how two separated strings become one.  Could be used to show that though we are separated by sin, God can restore us to himself.
Strong Mans Secret

Story Sticks.
This is a simple device to make up which can make many shapes to illustrate points when telling a story.
Story Sticks

Magic Teapot.
Water poured from a teapot changes into various colours and then can change back to clear.
Magic Teapot

My Silly Hat.
This is an excellent space filler to get the children laughing at a Sunday school or holiday club sh
My Silly Hat

The SMILEY Tree.
A wonderfull routine where the picture of a tree changes into the cross of Calvary.
The Shmiley Tree

Simple Foam Puppet.
his a is a very simple to make puppet made from foam sheets.  I deal for such things as Messy Church or holiday clubs.
Simple Foam Puppet

Hope Love card routine.
A word such as hope or love becomes printed on cards previously shown to be blank.
Hope Love Card Routine

Snake Wand.
This is another routine which creates lots of fun and laughter at a children’s party.
Snake Wand

The Toymaker
A creation story for children young and old

The Toymaker

This page contains genuine free Christian resources which I have compiled to use in your church and outreach work.  I will add more when I get the time.  Please respect the magician’s code and do not tell your audience how the tricks are done.  Keep the secret but share the good news.  To download the PDF for the file that you require, click on the hyperlink for that file.